My personal OS project
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#ifndef __brados_multiboot_h__
#define __brados_multiboot_h__
#include <stdint.h>
// For more information on this structure, see:
struct multiboot_header {
// Indicates the presence and validity of other fields
uint32_t flags;
// Present if bit 0 in 'flags' is set
uint32_t mem_lower;
uint32_t mem_upper;
// Present if bit 1 in 'flags' is set
uint32_t boot_device;
// Present if bit 2 in 'flags' is set
uint32_t cmdline;
// Present if bit 3 in 'flags' is set
uint32_t mods_count;
uint32_t mods_addr;
// Present if bits 4 or 5 are present in 'flags'
// NOTE: Bits 4 and 5 are mutually exclusive. Bit 4 indicates fields
// related to a.out kernel images, while bit 5 indicated fields related
// to ELF kernel images. Since BRaDOS is an ELF kernel, the bit 5 field
// names will be used.
uint32_t shdr_num; // "tabsize" for an a.out kernel
uint32_t shdr_size; // "strsize" for an a.out kernel
uint32_t shdr_addr; // "addr" for an a.out kernel
uint32_t shdr_shndx; // "reserved" for an a.out kernel
// Present if bit 6 in 'flags' is set
uint32_t mmap_length;
uint32_t mmap_addr;
// Present if bit 7 in 'flags' is set
uint32_t drives_length;
uint32_t drives_addr;
// Present if bit 8 in 'flags' is set
uint32_t config_table;
// Present if bit 9 in 'flags' is set
uint32_t boot_loader_name;
// Present if bit 10 in 'flags' is set
uint32_t apm_table;
// Present if bit 11 in 'flags' is set
uint32_t vbe_control_info;
uint32_t vbe_mode_info;
uint16_t vbe_mode;
uint16_t vbe_interface_seg;
uint16_t vbe_interface_off;
uint16_t vbe_interface_len;
struct multiboot_mmap {
uint32_t size;
uint64_t base_addr;
uint64_t length;
uint32_t type;
struct multiboot_mod {
uint32_t mod_start;
uint32_t mod_end;
uint32_t string;
uint32_t reserved;
uint32_t multiboot_getAddress();
uint32_t multiboot_getMagic();