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#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <brados/printk.h>
#include <brados/string.h>
#include <video/vga.h>
#include <multiboot.h>
// Make sure we are using the right compiler
#if defined(__linux__)
#error "You are using the wrong compiler."
// Main kernel function
void brados_main(uint32_t multiMagic, uint32_t multiAddr)
// Initialize VGA terminal
struct vgastate term;
// Welcome message
term_writeStr(&term, "Welcome to BRaDOS!\n");
term_writeStr(&term, "written by L. Bradley LaBoon\n\n");
// VGA tests
// Get multiboot info
printk(&term, "Multiboot value: %x\n", multiMagic);
if (multiMagic != 0x2BADB002) {
term_writeStr(&term, "Error! Multiboot header not present. Quitting.\n");
printk(&term, "Multiboot address: %x\n", multiAddr);
struct multiboot_header *multiHead = (struct multiboot_header *) multiAddr;
printk(&term, "Flags: %x\nMem Lower: %x\nMem Upper: %x\n", multiHead->flags, multiHead->mem_lower, multiHead->mem_upper);
char *bootName = (char *) multiHead->boot_loader_name;
printk(&term, "Boot loader: %s\n\n", bootName);
// Done
term_writeStr(&term, "Done.");